Interstate Shipping: Shipmi Car Delivery

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Fast, Environmentally Friendly Car Delivery

Having a new, demo or used car delivered to your doorstep is now easier than ever and very cost effective. The Shipmi delivery service can swiftly collect and transport your car at a fraction of the standard transport rate, saving you up to 70%.

Shipmi works by geolocating and alerting registered transporters and filling up unused cargo space. Truck drivers closest to the postcode of pickup, will place a bid to provide cost effective transport. You'll be alerted of bids via the Shipmi app and SMS, with each transporter providing a better offer to win your business. You can choose which bid to accept based on price, delivery and customer ratings.

The Shipmi platform locates and engages the best placed transport operators, while helping you achieve reliable delivery to your door at the best price. When you receive your car, you can also leave feedback to let others know about your experience.

From an environmental perspective, fuller truck loads mean more efficient use of transportation, with less fuel and pollution. Overall, it's a win for everyone.

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