Car Valuation: Getting the Best Value For Your Car

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Cars Websale allows you to trade in your second hand car or sell it directly to a dealer. Either option offer flexibility to get the best used car valuation, based on your situation.

Licensed Motor Dealers will gladly trade a car as part exchange and part payment against a negotiated price of a new car. This means you'll only need to pay the difference, commonly known as the change over price. Dealers may also offer to buy your car outright and will offer a competitive used car valuation.

Whether you sell or trade your car, it's important to remember that there is no need to recondition or prepare it. Most Licensed Motor Dealers will still purchase a second hand car even if it is unregistered or not running.

To get the best value for your car, enter as much information as possible when filling in an online enquiry. Cars Websale recommends obtaining more than one used car valuation, to ensure you're offered the best price.

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