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There are many great reasons to buy a new or used car from a government licensed car dealer.

Unlike a private sale, buying from a licensed dealer means your purchased car has a guaranteed Clear Title, meaning that there is no money owing on the car. Used cars will usually be fully roadworthy, with a minimum 3 month statutory warranty. All of these benefits are in place to provide peace of mind and protect a buyer purchasing a second hand car.

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1. Guarantee of a Clear Title

Dealers are required by law to provide a buyer with an official notice, generated by a state authority such as your local Road Traffic Authority, confirming that a used car has not been stolen or has money owing. This is known as the guarantee of Clear Title and provides significant peace of mind for a buyer.

2. Licensed dealers are government approved

Becoming a licensed dealer requires approval from various government departments, such as Consumer Affairs and the Office of Fair Trading. Dealers are required to adhere to the Motor Traders Act, maintain full records and must renew their trading licenses annually.

3. Cars are 100% roadworthy

Cars offered by a licensed dealer are carefully selected and mechanically tested, reconditioned and made roadworthy in compliance with government standards. When a used car is purchased from a dealer, it usually comes with a roadworthy and a warranty.

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4. New car manufacturers warranty

Modern cars come with many safety, economy and comfort features. They can also come with comprehensive manufacturer warranty coverage. New car warranties are generally transferable, where a car has changed hands during the warranty period. We recommend enquiring to see if a new car warranty is available and to ensure that all manufacturer required services have been carried out and a warranty has not been voided.

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5. Used car dealer statutory warranty

In many states Of Australia, car dealers are required to provide a 3 month or 5000km statutory warranty for a used car. It must have travelled less than 160,000kms and be less than 10 years old. Enquire with your dealer to see if this applies.

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6. Extended warranty plans

There are many extended warranty policies available. Extended warranty is designed to provide assistance in the case of repairs, in the event of mechanical failure, after a statutory warranty ends. It is important to read through a policy to ensure you select the most appropriate one for your car and use. Extended warranty options can be discussed with a dealer, or you can contact the National Warranty Company on 1800 888 760.

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7. Additional protection against cars being written off

State authorities can impose heavy penalties against a dealer who fails to disclose that a used car has been written off. Licensed dealers must declare any relevant information at the point of sale.

8. Car loan options and finance approval

Dealers can negotiate motor car finance packages, with same day approval and competitive rates.

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9. New and used car delivery directly to your door

Shipmi subscribers can arrange door to door car delivery and save up to 70% compared to standard transport rates. The Shipmi service leverages the concept that 50% of large trucks may be partially empty when travelling to a particular destination.

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